the excitement!

Location: My Apartment.
Time: After work, at night.

Can’t wait to open the box.

I never got one since I was small.

They always advertise it on TV,

And I am so lucky that my group got third place during the family day games.

There! I've opened it!

Ding Dang, dengan permainan kereta lumba.


polaris said...

Hi,glad to come here!
Thanks for sharing!


::airswift:: said...

thanks for reading too. :)

ZEYN said...


hehe...i still buy that whenever i'm back in Kuching! hehe...

lyana said...

sila masuk high court sendiri. mak tak kuasa nak layan nyah.

Perky said...

Lol! I haven't seen those since primary school!! "ding dang datang lagi!"