singapore again

Last Tuesday I took the whole day off- I went to Singapore. With my good friend who came back for a while from Australia.

We took a very nice bus, and it's double-deck.

We entered the island city in the afternoon, and everything could be seen clearly. Weird, with my ulcer in my lips and a dry throat, my excitement being in my favorite city was cut by thirty percent. And I saw some new things never I seen before after a few times visiting the lion city.

Rubbish. Were every where. Mineral bottles, plastic bags.
Trees and bushes were not trimmed and taken care of.
I wondered what happened, is today an official day to go against the rules?

I guess as much as we like it to be a perfect place, like a toy city, the people living there are as human as us too.

Anyway, since we arrived there in the afternoon, nothing much could be done.
Went to three CD shops to find a CD of Taufik Batisah for my friend, but it was sold out.
We rushed to buy bus tickets back home, and also took some time to eat MOS burger.

And we were just in time to watch Chris Botti in Esplanade. (That was our main intention of going to Singapore)

Ah, Esplanade.
Facing the splendid city skyline of Singapore.
Too bad I was rushing with my friend and had no time to snappyhappy.

Chris Botti.
I captured the moment he stood there on stage in my mind.
With just the right black suit that emphasizes his tall and slender figure.
Holding his trumpet up and started to play.
I was astounded.

How would it be if I were in the same situation,
Standing in front of hundreds of listeners?

He is such an inspiration.

Some people question his capabilities.
They say that he is either not good enough, or not original, or just mingling around with the correct powerful and famous people to climb on the ladder.

So far I think he’s doing great.

After the concert ends, time to go home.

Seen in the gift shop next to Espalanade..

I had few minutes to jump into Watsons and bought my favorite wax,
they don't have it in Malaysia. Only SD6.00, good and cheap.

We walked from Bugis MRT, passing the Bugis Street where all the stalls are closing for the night, and waited for our bus at Beach Road. I was extremely fatigued.

And as I waited inside the bus to start its journey home, I saw another reality, outside the window.

A man with worn out shorts and t shirt, sleeping on an old mattress beside the dumpster. In Singapore. He's sleeping comfortably though.

It doesn't matter.
I am not loving the city less. =)


ZEYN said...


best nya jumpa Chris Botti! i'm so jeles of you lah, airswift. hehe...

Calvin said...

OMG! I love Chris Botti too lah. I buy his albums one you know? So how was the concert? Describe-lah sikit. Like which orchestra accompanies him? What pieces he played? Any encore? What are the encores? How's the crowd? Which ticket price you bought?

::airswift:: said...

the encore was
cinema paradiso.

wah! got his albums some more.
i'm considering buying italia too.

there was no orchestra.
just a good jazz band backing him up.

ketua unit ict said...

as i was searching some songs for my collections, i found this interesting link to download his whole album collections. maybe someone finds it's offensive to do illegal download, but hey, that's what i've been doing lah. if you are interested to do free-illegal-download, i can give you the link but not here lah. also i got the link for italia too..hehehe

::airswift:: said...

wah! so daring your comment la ketua ict. =P

far-east said...

ahaha awesome trip :D

i'd hav 2 say, Chris is yummy. his playing, his stage presence, his voice. n my god he looks good in a suit! lol man-crush man-crush ;p

oh n d bus back 2 KL wuz seriously d most comfortable ride i've ever been on! that or we were terribly exhausted fr all d walking lol..

thanx 4 S'pore! ;)