can't run away from the topic

Yeah, because we are living in it.

I was discussing about global warming in my family's email chain,
after one of my aunts forwarded us an email about lists of predicted disasters
in the coming years- hurricanes, earthquakes.

And my uncle replied this-

Welcome to the Club.... This is the essence of my work at the Kementerian Tenaga.

When I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, the ice was almost gone. They say, it will be gone forever by year 2025.

Unfortunately, Malaysians are not very concerned about global warming as they thought we have a lot of oil. To make it worse, fossil energy consumption is heavily subsidized. I just found that in Denmark, the price of petrol is about RM7 per litre! And I just booked a car for our holiday in Norway--which I expect would have around the same price.

All these cheap things are encouraging wastes and pollution. I always ask my university students which they would prefer: a government policy which subsidizes food, energy, etc, but suppresses salaries (like Malaysia) or let world market forces determine food and energy prices in the country but also increase salaries (like Singapore)? They all say: Singapore model is preferable!

I used Google earth, and this is how the Mt Kilimanjaro looks like today-

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