Uncle is strong and has a huge figure. (ignore the tummy)
Uncle followed us to another office and helped to carry monitors, servers, printers-
only with his two muscular hands. He carried those old equipments one by one into the lorry, to be demolished later.

Uncle followed us back to the main office.
Uncle said, I have to get a few old monitors in the main office.
We asked, which floor?
Uncle said, the one with the taman (garden) in it.

I am baffled. There is no garden inside the building. The only available one is the beautiful landscaping with fountain outside the building. How can you have a taman inside the office?

Uncle just followed us to our department, and then he pointed at the entrance-
“There! That’s the taman.”

Uncle finished carrying all the unwanted monitors from our department.
It’s already five in the evening. Uncle said,
“I’m going home now. It’s already five, and I carried forty monitors from another company early in the morning.”

Wah. Uncle carried forty monitors and never look tired.
Uncle is so strong.

*Uncle is a middle aged Indian one-man-show worker who is very diligent in his work.

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