the ACTUAL price of a ten ringgit ticket.

Last Saturday evening I went to watch a concert of two artists- one local and one Indonesian, riding my bike for an hour all the way nearby my workplace. It’s actually a family-day-cum-concert organized by the company that I work with, so the ticket was just cheapo- RM10 per entrance.

Oooh…I tell you, it was such an ENJOYABLE moment, I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with the crowd coming to the event.

Aunties and uncles, lai, lai, don’t miss your chance. Ticket is RM10 only, don’t care if you have to slow march for one whole hour and smell the refreshing odor of people’s armpits. Oh, please don’t fart now.

So I was finally there, and managed to sit on the floor like everyone else. Oh, I managed to sit right in front of the stage too. Yes, time to take out my binoculars and wait.

Wah, got a few typical dancers and unknown singers from Whatever-Lah group, yawn.

And then the MC announced the entrance of the anticipated Indonesian singer. This is it!

Wah! She looked so pretty! Let me adjust my binos for a while-

Wah! The view of the stage turned into a hundred of typical Malaysians, standing in front of us, blocking our view.

Actually, I came all the way here not to watch the singer you know!
I wanted to watch that unknown greasy stripey green shirt guy.
The artist is actually IN FRONT of that guy, but that’s not really important right?
Wah, got a lot of annoying kids some more.

Despite that people behind were shouting at them to sit down, and even threw stuff at them, they just pretend-pretend-deaf and happily took pictures of their favorite artists.

So I just sat there behind the standing crowd.
After that I only heard the voice of Anuar Zain, and nothing to view but the greasy guy who couldn’t sit down.

After that I just left, and managed to snap these photos of Anuar Zain, from the side of the stage.


The enjoyment did not end there.
When I walked to the place I parked my bike, I saw this astounding view~

Wah! Bike shop?
And my bike was like in the center of the hundreds of bikes.
Had to do some small work out to shift all the blocking bikes to get to mine.

I'm so glad that I didn't manage to get my friends to come.
Their bitching about the event could just make it worse.

No more next time.


lyana said...

i would have bitched to the world's end if you were to bring me there- anuar or not!

::airswift:: said...

haha yeah..
it was that 'enjoyable'.