fine dining- eh- i mean, fine lunching

Once in a blue moon, I’ll be lucky and will have the chance to eat at one of those fifty ringgit per dish restaurant.

And a few days ago, my department planned a lunch at Tony Roma’s. I can say that the food really tastes good.

Starter- fresh shrimps in their own special sauce. Even the mayo tastes different here!

Their own version of onion rings. Darned nice.

Cream of chicken- the best.

My selection- rib eye steak- juicy and medium done.

And for finale, the dessert- Chocolate Avalanche.


chikanoz said...

the foods looks yummy. had a few of them said its good at tony roma's. I am yet to try.

Perky said...

I almost choked when I saw the onion rings :P But the steak looks good though :)

::airswift:: said...


perky you so lugis cannot enjoy onion rings.

anyway, yeah. the food there is nice.
maybe i've got better luck this time. i'm well-known for testing new food and end the new food sucks.

savante said...

Don't you love the onion rings! One of the things I usually order there.

ketua unit ict said...

the onion ring wasn't bad at all..u know lah i'm so freaked out with onions ni kan..but to my surprise, i can't even tell benda yg berlingkar2 tu adalah bawang coz it didn't taste like bawang u know...hebat gitueww..