orchestra videos

I came across this amateur video recording of my school wind orchestra, performing in a competition in 2007.

Despite that the visual is bad (it's not showing anything actually!) but you can picture how it would sound like in real life. The tuba sounds so accurate, it's like double bass!

Oh, and here's a slightly clearer and full version of it-

And here is the recording of the prestigious Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.



MaRyAMOhd said...

hi umar,
wow, i haven' check your blog for a long2 time.

nway, thanks for updating us (including me) about the sbp orchestra comp. i was busy preparing for my siblings double weddings. couldn't attend the competitions. btw, my sis in law's brother is playing for alam shah. i think he's in percussionist.

nway, please tell alfa, he's done a good job. better luck next time.

oh, btw, please change my blog link to maryamohd.blogspot.com


::airswift:: said...


yeah, alfa did a very good job back in 2007. russian christmas was a really impressive and difficult piece.

for your info, as for the whole year of 2008, alfa wasn't involved.

maybe the wind orchestra can create that same 2007 spark again in the future. who knows.

wah, got new blog already? will update my link.