the place i wanted to go

Penang. Full stop.

Not that I haven’t been to Penang, but the first visit was for a concert performance back in high school and we only walked along Padang Kota and ate yong tau foo by the beach. As for the second time going there, I followed my mom and we bought pickled fruits, and more pickled fruits. Oh, we also went to another shop and bought pickled fruits.

So. Where do I wish to go in Penang?
Walking along Gurney Drive, the hippest place in the island as what people say.
Entering the temple and look at the huge reclining Buddha idol.
And visiting the hugest temple in South East Asia, if it’s not too far away.
Another walk along Padang Kota would be nice too.


Mr RM said...

i love that island too! it's just fantastic

lyana said...

gurney drive- hip? mmmmmmm.

Get mee mamak agung from there though- best mee mamak in the world I dare say. But make sure it's mee mamak agung! and yes, most food are good in make sure you have a taste of the delicacies.

As for the Buddha, it IS awesome, and there's a tortoise pond in the middle on your way up the pagoda.

off course, my information is from 2 years ago at the least...

::airswift:: said...

alah, hip lah.
give chance la.
please please please....