are you dumb or something?

Sometimes it gets to the nerve of us IT staff when we are requested to solve computer issues that actually can be solved by the users themselves.

For example,
“My computer monitor is not showing display and there’s scary electric sound as if it’s about to blow into pieces”.

I went all the way to the user’s seat and the monitor power cable was loose.

“The server is down. I couldn’t get into the company’s email.”

I went all the way and discovered that the computer itself has NO network cable connected to the network port on the wall.

No cable, how to go to internet? Feel-feel pretend got wireless?

After I handed the user a network cable and the computer is connected to the internet, I said, “Let’s celebrate. The server is now up.”

Some users (who are of the professional class) simply have no patience at all.
At one particular second, all of the users in the department sent print jobs from their computer straight to the printer.

The printer, not capable to receive one thousand job commands at one moment, suddenly hang.

Then, I will definitely get a call.
“Sir, the server is down. Our printer is not responding.”

Server is down?
How about this.
Your brain is down.


ketua unit ict said...'s funny..those things happened to me before..intellectual people playing dumb with me .."i can't log into my email", after a few checking, i saw he uninstalled the email software or "i cant connect to internet" but still able to browse utube ..sigh..

chikanoz said...

i once had this came up to me,
"my pc kanot on, i check and press the button already but something is wrong. monitor only got light. the box no response."
head to user place, and discover some ass-hole had switch-off the main plug cpu is connected. tense giler.. worst thing is in the early morning.. deemmtt..rasa nak cekik dia org.