i don't need to wait til weekend

It’s Thursday.
And tomorrow is Friday, a day deemed as holy in Islam.

When I decided to have a break and not meeting anyone at all, and just do the things that I want without having to hear what people say, I expected to feel peace, quiet, and having a smooth relaxing time.

Instead, I experience having my little voice in my head continuously thinking of how to prove that people are bad. Even at the moment when I said to myself “Let’s stop for a while and think of nothing,” the brain goes back to the same mode.

And as I continue judging everyone around me, I always ended up with the same conclusion. The more I want to run away from it, the more that I realize and admit to the fact that all the negative things about people is actually a reflection of myself. It’s just one of the unique ways of nature of giving you a valuable lesson in life.

People say that when a situation sucks, it sucks, and there’s nothing good would come out of it. For this whole week I’ve tried believing on that, but it just doesn’t work for me. Firstly, it’s no fun continuously being that way. Secondly, I am aware that I could get some benefit from any kind of situation, even at the most challenging times.

Take this for an example.
A few years ago, there was this story of brothers and sisters who secretly went to take a dip in a river. All of them were drowned. The news showed the mother, inside a truck, talking calmly and with care, asked the people to arrange the bodies of her children neatly inside the truck.

“Where’s my second child? Okay put my sayang over there.”

My friend argued that she’s already went nuts because she couldn’t cope with the loss of her whole family.

I saw it in a different view. I think she is a brave woman, who had the courage to accept what’s fated by God. She is aware that if she continues being depressed, nothing will change. In fact nothing good will come out of it.

She didn’t cry out loud and say, “Life sucks”. Instead, she dealt with the situation really well, and she is at peace.

She is more focused on fulfilling her duties as a loving mother, having the bodies taken care of, treated and ready to be put to rest in a proper funeral.

So. It applies to everyone, you and me.

Tomorrow will be a new day.
Let’s start it slowly from today, and restore and escalate to a lot of achievements of the thing called life.

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