busy busy bee

Boy, really it’s hectic this whole week.
I don't even have time to cut my toe nails!

After work, I rushed to meet my friend, and from there he drove us straight to Seremban to a studio where we met two guitarists.

I’ve got to rehearse with a complete live band for the first time!
Our function falls this Saturday, on a wedding.
Heard that there’s going to be a demonstration on the next day,
Hopefully I won’t get caught in the jam caused by any possible road blocks.

Regardless that I was really exhausted
(especially my lips for playing the trumpet non-stop),
It was a fun experience to play something different.

Too bad couldn’t snap pictures,
Because my phone is at the workshop for the whole week.
Hopefully they can manage to repair it,
Otherwise, hopefully I can fork out money to get a new walkman phone.

Oh, time to go to the office toilet and cut my toe nails.
Surely people would frown and feel weird when they hear the clip-clip sound.

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