how do you stop a war?

In a crisis between us and the people that we know,
how do we end it?

Some say sorry and some send flowers.
The other side would forgive and smile again.

But sometimes it gets too deep,
It's a messy chain of blaming one another-

You did this and that.
You were the one who started it all.
It's not my fault, it's yours.

It's a never ending process of hating each other.

Until a friend told me something which is so profound-

"It ain't matter if you're on the true side of the turf.
As long as you're sincere and you want to make things become better,
You would stop talking bad about people regardless that they might be wrong.
Believe in God, give it time, He will help in time."

Jumping out of the vicious cycle takes strength,
but it's worth it.

So I decided to give up my nonsense and drama,
and keep silent.

I see this as a space for me to develop and improve myself,
Chase my dreams, and look for opened doors.

Hopefully in time things would be restored.
However if it were meant that we don't walk the same path anymore,
Perhaps God have a better plan for all of us.

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