to have integrity

Looking into my life these few weeks, I wondered what went wrong.

I now realized that I might have been a little bit lost.
I am already on track, but I instead of going straight ahead,
I wasted time removing the weeds on sides of the road.
I got carried away.

I’ve already gotten a few achievements-
To be in two good orchestras,
To kick start myself performing solo,
To get an awesome job as an exec in a firm.

However, there are a few core things that I need to sit down and think about.
What happened to my relationships?
If I want to treat my life as a whole,
I should be dealing with all the aspects of my life.

I could take the responsibility of restoring the way I relate myself to people.
To restore it, I can look into the root that caused this huge mess.
Instead of focusing into the whole drama, I tracked back to where it started.
And as I look into the core of it, I’ve learned something really good.

I’ve always been late!
To the extent of “it’s common to have me late”.
I’ve been late all the time for work,
I’ve been late most of the time for rehearsals,
I’ve been late for movies, plays, concerts.
In fact, I always didn’t manage to do my first duty of the duty,
To do my morning prayers.

If I were being late for God, let alone trying to be punctual for anyone else.

This week has been the starting point of the game.
Let's put my new Seiko and W610i alarm function in maximum utilization.

A leading IT exec and an excellent musician, will always be on time than anyone else.

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nuRul AhmAd said...

hello there,

oddly enough, you wrote exactly about what i've been thinking for the past few weeks... or months! guess it goes back to our 'relationship' with the Almighty.. every other things, will fall in its rightful place eventually... Insyaallah.

btw, just happened to come across your blog :)