A few days there was a ruckus when several lawyers decided to have a public forum, named as “Forum Memeluk Islam”

As what I knew, a few non Moslems were expressing themselves, telling the public about the troubles that they have to face when their family member (especially husbands, or fathers) decided to embrace the faith. Welfare not taken care of, cruelty and abuse, you know, that kind of stuff.

Perhaps it’s true that this kind of forum will give a certain impression towards the religion. Yes, I get the point that certain sensitive issues are not to be discussed out loud, because it might be churned wrongly by the public. Maybe the common average people would come to a conclusion even, that ‘once you’re a Moslem, you’re screwed’.

Maybe that is why certain people go to the unimaginable extremes when they object the forum, commanding it to be stopped immediately.

However. A lesson can be learned out of this whole chaos.

We, as Moslems, especially the authorities of the law and order, can go deeper, look into the root cause of all of this. Injustice leads to another injustice.

There’s nothing wrong with our faith, what’s not quite right is our own self.

For instance;
If action is not taken to the new Moslems to have them aware of their roles in their non Moslem family, then too bad, maybe there is certain truth that ‘once you’re a Moslem, you’re screwed’. Not because of your faith, but because of what you did.

If nothing is done later, then, no point having authorities. Too bad lah. Next time if people pinch us again with another forum, don’t jump up and down anymore.

On the other hand;
It’s just not appropriate for someone who wears the serban,
to say things like “Pigs, go back to China.”
Please take of your serban and give it to someone else.

P/S- Suddenly I thought of certain gays wearing the serban like a neck scarf, wah, so fashionable… NOT.

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