No wonder fans go hysteric, laugh or cry when they watch their favorite football match.

Having the sports channel subscribed to my cable TV this month, I was given a chance to experience myself being an audience.

Yesterday’s match was quite something for me-

China’s Lin Dan is hot, hot, hot.
With that impressive height and super toned body, he has the physical advantage to be a winner. Not only pleasant to the eyes, (LOL), but he can do those smashes like a few times in a few seconds, non-stop.

Another thing that impressed me is the spirit of Lee Chong Wei.

The simple act of kissing that tiny Jalur Gemilang on his jersey-
Gives me the chills of pride and I felt so touched.

And the way he fought,
no matter how frustrating it would be for him,
he still gave the effort til the end.

Made me feel so proud.

He deserved the silver medal,
because he earned each single point in the match.
He did a great job.

I am so amazed by both Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.

It was an overwhelming match for me.


Calvin said...

You're the second person whom I heard saying Lin Dan is hot! Well, I come to know his blog where he post many of his pictures and mostly are shirtless. Hehehe...like after shower looking into the mirror, spraying cologne, coming out from pool, at gym. If you're interested, I'll email you the link.

::airswift:: said...

Yes, please!