self indulgence

All sad things also must come to an end.

I've done a lot of happy-happy things too.

Got myself DKNY.

A nice colleague from purchasing dept,
gave me this nice plant.

Had a bunch of sweet rambutans,
after orchestra rehearsal.

Get to look at those nice miniature buildings at my workplace.
This posh semi-D design is new, have yet being released.

Helped a close friend to buy and arrange this pretty thing.

My dear brother gave me this super power CPU.

Restored my lost wallet, with all the cards in it.

And bought myself a new thing for the apartment too..


Anonymous said...

In the last pic, where did you get the plant and the lamp? So which is the new thing you bought for your place-the lamp or the plant? It's nice, I wanna get one too.

::airswift:: said...

I bought the Balinese lamp at Sungei Wang, years ago when I was muda-muda remaja.

As for the white orchid (or fiery red, take your pick)
You can easily get one in One Utama, in the flower shop near Arena food court.

chikanoz said...

is that a chivas on the last pic. :p

::airswift:: said...

He he he.
I'm no drinker, but
I like collecting liquor bottles.