horror, horror (part one)

Should be a lucky number right? Just read and see how it hits my jackpot really hard.

I rushed back home, with the true intention of watching the opening of Olympics, life in Beijing. Wah so excited nih.

I switch in between the channels, and all I get was just sound. No pictures.
Yes, sigh, apparently we fairies do not subscribe Sports Channel.
It’s like a dejavu, reminding me when I rushed back home wanting to watch Anugerah Era, and the Astro cable TV already kena potong because we forgot to pay the bills.

So I tried my best to wait patiently, waiting for the national TV to finish it’s seemingly insignificant night news, and then yeah, live telecast from Beijing, half an hour LATE.

The signal was horrible, it felt as if I was watching live TV from Jupiter instead of Beijing. And they really love to put advertisements at the best of times.

Picture this.
Olympics Astro Channel – showing fireworks and extraordinary formation.
RTM – happily showing advertisement marilah makan biskut Marie.

Wah so exciting, I SO want to buy those biscuits now and throw them on my TV.
Eh cannot, I buy my TV so expensive you know, must take care very well.

So I watched just fragments of the opening, and A LOT of advertisements. Decided to go down across the street and surf at the internet café.

I had stomach ache suddenly, so I went to the toilet liao.
I put my wallet on the basin, and I left it liao.
So it got stolen liao.

So now I got the experience of “Oh God, I can’t believe this is happening to me.”
I even got wishful dreams in my sleep; with people returning back my wallet to me.

The weekends were quite gloomy.
Knowing the fact that I couldn’t withdraw any money because all my bank cards were lost together with the wallet, I stayed at home. I even slept at seven in the evening and woke up on Sunday at mid day.

So on Sunday at mid day, I went away from my house, trying to do something so that I won’t get depressed.

But it went opposite of what I expected. I got really bored when I’m outside.

So I gave it a longer thought, and I realized that I’m sort of trying to run away from problems!

Once there is negativity that sparked because of a situation, instead of dealing with it, I tried to cover it up by doing something else to cheer myself up.

So I went back to where I started- my own house.

The offices are only be operating on Monday, so rather than not accepting it,
I just be with the fact that I lost my wallet with all the things in it.

I decided to do nothing,
And indulge the chance of being alone at home.

I calmed myself down,
And it wasn’ t that bad.
At least I've got a nice cosy place to stay. Hm.

(But more challenges to come on Monday~ Ha. Ha. Ha.)


chikanoz said...

pity u i must say. loosing wallet is way to tense for me.

Anonymous said...

But why must you put your wallet on the basin?

::airswift:: said...

Well. I don't really put my wallet in my pocket, and that night I din' bring any bag. So I happily put my wallet on the basin while doing my "stuff" in the toilet.