Occasionally I visit my mom’s house all the way in Ampang.
Basically in my family, there are four boys, and only two girls.
The bigger sister is not in the country often, and the last child of the family is the only girl left.

As I passed by my small sister’s room, I saw this tiny note book hung on the door.

Translated by me in English-

Alya’s Book of Rules.

1) Do not enter my room and make noise about my arrangements inside my room.
2) Do not kick my teddy bears on the floor.
3) Do not use my handphone to sms your friend.
4) One sms is charged two ringgit.
5) When I ask you for the money that you owe me, do not say, “Whatever.”
6) Do not wipe your wet hand on my face.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. How naughty brothers can be.

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