the small small things

Life, right now, offers several nice small occasions which still give that impact of contentment in my life.

I experienced joy when I jammed at my friend’s studio- me and my housemate playing the trumpet, another senior friend on her saxophone, and the studio owner with his keyboard, and his fellow guitarist and bassist. Cool! I’m getting more and more confident in expressing myself with my trumpet now.

I experienced joy when I finally get three out of my six cavities filled, at the dentist. Now I feel a lot better and I enjoyed my meals like other normal people.

I experienced joy during the rehearsal at the National Theatre, when my friend the trombone player decided to hit the low bass note, to substitute the tuba player who was not there. Both of us even giggled because the sound of it was really nice. Call us nerd, but it was cool.

I experienced joy when I helped my friend buying a 39.90 artificial orchid, a square shaped glass vase, and small grey stones, and arranged them to be the new center of attraction of his apartment.

I experienced joy when I bought a new wallet for my dad’s birthday. In fact this would be my first birthday gift for him. I always used to perceive him as self sufficient successful man, “no need to buy anything for him”, but I gave up that thought and chose to be thoughtful anyway.

One says, “Find that miracle in the ordinary moments in your life.”

When you start to seriously appreciate and indulge what you’ve already got, insanely you will just find that moment of happiness. Happiness, after all, is not given, you have to generate it.


Anonymous said...

I don't have your email so this is the only way I can ask you things. And the thing I'm about to ask, you're the only one I think is the best suitable person to ask. Well, you see, I am starting to like Siti Nurhaliza's song entitled "Bukan cinta biasa" and I just kept listening and singing to it through my mp3.

I just want to know if there is any other nice ballad like that song. Would you recommend me some? Since you're her fans. Hehehe... Thanks in advance. You can email me at

::airswift:: said...

i am flattered.
personally i would suggest her newer
albums starting from her song "percayalah", because that's when she started to reform her style.

albums before that- err.. too typical.

i'll email you later.