the posters are up

Come, let's watch us play some music this Friday / Saturday night.

29th and 30th August,
8.30 PM.

Istana Budaya, main hall.


Anonymous said...

I've spread the word around my office about the concert and some of my colleagues are going with me. Hehehe... I even printed out a self-made poster and pinned it up on the notice board.

MaRyAMOhd said...

insya-Allah i'm going

Anonymous said...

But I notice that Istana Budaya management doesn't really advertise any concert in the newspapers so it's kind of difficult to know when they have concerts, don't you agree?

Honestly, if it's not from you, I won't know there will be a concert there. I wonder why they don't publicize their events to the public.

::airswift:: said...

oh my goodness.
you even pinned up a poster??
now i feel guilty for not being THAT promoting.

yeah, when you mention it, now i realize that IB don't really advertise.

but for this concert, we even used the TV heheh. coming soon in my new blog posting. ^_^

::airswift:: said...

yeah maryam, come come! ^_^