now that's what i need!

I tried to give up my upset on my failure to show up during last concert.
But there was this uneasy feeling attached to me,
That I carried everywhere- to the office, at home, everywhere.

Last Saturday, I went to attend the first meeting of the orchestra,
Fresh after we’re done with the recent concert.

At the end of the meeting, we were given the chance to suggest any idea, or reminder, or advice, related to the team.

I took the chance to say that I regret that I couldn’t make it, and I said that it was one of the worst experience I’ve got.

My team mates were so supportive-
They gasped, they got me.
The soloist said that she, with her father was stranded on that same expressway for three hours when their car broke down.

And then one of the strong members acknowledged my full commitment-
To attend all rehearsals without fail.
And all of them, including the conductor, nodded.
I was touched.

Maybe that’s what I need.
An assurance that all my self-judgements; that I am a failure, were totally invalid.
I’m starting over now, and I won’t stop.

And yeah, I also concluded to everyone, that made them laugh-
“Next time, a few days before a big concert, check your vehicle.”

Another note-

Happy birthday to Mama Diva;
Who is the youngest of all, sometimes wiser than the rest.
God bless.

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