one sunday at the mines

Once upon a time, some rich developer decided to create a shopping mall by a lake waterfront, and boats could go in and out of the mall, resembling gondolas in Venice.

And once upon a time, I decided to visit this place and try it out.

Arriving there, parking my bike, I feel the atmosphere similar with Genting Highlands-
a concept of holiday entertainment back in the eighties.
Is it the same developer? I wonder.

They have three routes that you can choose to ride these boats.

The whole package – covering the south and north lake.
The north lake package- which would be the bigger lake, takes around 45 minutes.
The south lake route- which will only take 20 minutes for one round.

I took the south lake.

The boat arrived and there were not many customers taking the ride.
There was the boat driver-

And, yeah, only me.
I feeling-feeling diva riding the boat alone.

So off we go to the water world unknown.

We went along this canal, and sitting at the sides were blocks of new condominiums, and I am sure that they have the spectacular lake view. So nice.

As we leave the apartments and went towards the lake, most of the view is like this-

Yawn. Ooh, so exciting.

But we did pass a few mansions though. Those “Well-you-know-I-stay-in-a-villa-by-the-lake” type.

See this one. Surely some business tycoon stays in here.
There’s even a jetty in front of it.

Wah! Got an even bigger house next to it.

This huge fugly mansion, an attempt to copy Disneyland, costs RM85 million.
I reserve my comments.

On the way back, the boat driver gave me a teaser by passing by the entrance of the north lake.

I assume that the north lake must have an interesting view, since the entrance canal itself has a pretty view.

Nice garden, eh?

So finally we came to our final stop, and I hopped off.

It was a nice experience.

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