random things i remembered


Mahendran. The naughty boy in my kindergarten who accidentally knock my water tumbler while I was drinking. It hit my nose very hard.

The distinctive but weirdly pleasant smell of crayons, and marker pens.

Primary School

Three Little Teddies cookies. Always bought by my mom, an essential snack when we’re traveling in my father’s huge two door Mitsubishi van.

New LA Gear shoes, colorful and huge, with thick red shoe lace. Only wore them once and was stolen in front of the house where I learned my Koran readings.

Lower Form (High School)- in the hostel

A rich friend’s Panasonic cassette walkman.
Listened to it on Sunday morning while the sun is still not up.
Walking with my baju Melayu and sarong after Subuh prayers,
In front of the school field.

The conventional army-type floor wax.
Smothered on a piece of rag, applied on the green ancient tiles to polish them on a Saturday morning, just before our weekly inspection.

And of course, those were the days I started learning to play the trumpet.
That time, our school trumpets were old, China brands, kept in cases that looked like treasure chests.

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