five questions

What would you do if (or What will you do because) your workplace was (is) closed today and you could (can) do anything you wanted?

Anything? As in even the most impossible things? Ah, I would fly to Singapore and get the most expensive Vincent Bach trumpet as a “souvenir”, and when I come back in the evening, I’ll go to the most expensive spa in One Utama.

On the more logical side, if it’s an unexpected off day for today, I would plan to practice that darned difficult running notes of my trumpet part in the live band that I am joining now. At least I would improve a lot before the next rehearsal with the band.

Have you ever been emotionally attached to someone in a way that was detrimental to you?

Last time, as a college boy knowing nothing much, I’ve decided to have a relationship with this fella who is a few years younger than me. Our one week affair was a disaster when he admit that he slept around.

What is the most beautiful word you know, in any language?

Tweji. It’s Korean. Check it out.

What one thing limits your freedom the most?

That would be money- limited money means limited things to buy, limited performances to go and watch, limited mileage to go and travel.

And I do feel restricted like a unicorn in a golden cage (hahah.. sempat lagi) when it comes to rental payment and bills because I have to support the house before I get the redemption payment from my friends.

But it’s just a reason, an excuse. Issues concerning money will always be there.
We can always find a way to go beyond that excuse if we want to.

Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one?

It reminds me of the beach in Sentosa Island, where teens play beach volleyball under the sun. Ya, I know, this picture's at night. Whatever.

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