one of my favorites

Long ago, I was shocked to know that my favorite perfume is already out of stock.

Apparently CK decided to discontinue the product.

I asked to test a lot of other perfumes, and I think that DKNY Be Delicious is the closest to resemble CK Crave.

So a few years after that, I decided to save money to buy perfume in the future.

And I got some money eventually-
But it was a mistake when I bought the wrong type of DKNY.

In fact that time I bought it (the wrong one) because it smelt nice,
and totally forgotten about CK Crave.

So next time I'm going to buy the right one-lah.


Calvin said...

Huh? I totally cannot understand what you're trying to say here. Hahaha!!!
You said the DKNY Delicious is smells the closest to CK so what do you say it's wrong? You wanted something similar, right, since CK has discontinued that product? So why is it wrong?

::airswift:: said...

DKNY has at least four types of the Be Delicious perfume.

I'm supposed to get the brown colored one. but i bought the green one instead.