get off it

Are you a friendly, chattery person, who don’t mind talking to anyone at all?
I guess people who are directly into sales, event management and politicians
would say yes.

There is this former IT staff who is now working in another department.
I saw him a few times but never had the intention of saying hi and getting to know each other. Especially when one of my colleagues gossiped to me bad things about him. Well, that’s just an excuse- basically I didn’t want to take the initiative at all.

Until today, just a few minutes ago.
I had to brave myself to call him to ask a few questions about this software which he took care of before he left.

I felt that the conversation did not went well-
It was awkward and I felt like an idiot at the moment when he said-
“You all should know about the license that we have, it’s all inside the files”.

Well, what he said about the files is true.
Rather than wasting time feeling degraded,
I should just go and refer the files.
I’m dropping off this ill feeling and have my work done.

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