Mentioned in the newspaper, one Moslem clerical in Perak said that the original form of yoga is not permissible among the Moslems, if there is mantra chanting involved.

I agree with this.

If one person studies the Islam religion sufficiently in primary and secondary school, this is clearly understood.

Readings that portray worshipping god(s) in other religion is not allowed, even if the person do not believe in it. It will lead to the label- syirik.

Just find those yoga groups which don’t chant. Simple.

Mentioned in the newspaper quite long ago, one religious teacher said that putting the red decorative henna on a bride’s hand is not allowed because it’s a culture outside Islam. And also because the prophet forbids tattoo.

I do not agree with this.

God likes pretty and beautiful things.
If "culture" is the case, then Moslems should not wear or use-
working clothes that originated from the West,
shoes and sandals,
paper that came from China,
any mode of transportation except horses and camels.

As long as it doesn’t permanently stay in the skin-
(like permanent tattoos- it goes right into the skin and makes ablution doesn’t cover the tattooed skin- hence the solat is not valid)
Then I think it’s okay.

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Anonymous said...

You know what? Sometimes, you find high-position or so-called educated people making silly remarks or comments on a simple subject and it's ironic that they are running the country.