we all worry too

I do know that I’ve been worrying a lot lately.
Will I have enough money for the month?
Will I able to achieve this grade five through out all these situations that I am facing now?
Will I able to eat and afford myself whenever I have to forward my own money first to pay for the whole rent of the house, before the other housemates pay me later?
Will they even pay me the money?
Was it a good idea to curse a friend to the end of our relationship?
When can I pay my student loan?
When can I pay back the money I owe dear dear Z?
Will my bike be okay?
Will my hair grow back?
Why can’t people understand?
Why is there a huge cockroach in the house? (Okay now I’m a bit too drama here).

Worries, regrets, wonders, more worries.

It consumes you inside out.
Really, people fall sick and die not because of the troubles that they are facing with,
But it’s the worry and the resistance of accepting the situation with a peaceful heart.

I worried and worried.
Til I totally forgotten that life, is just a game.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

So what if I had a few huge losses in my life?
Successful people even went through harder times than me.

What matters is, have you play your game full out.
Sometimes I’ve forgotten to just take it easy.

If I take it too hard, then life will feel even harder.

Go all out with in the name of God, and it doesn’t matter if I lose.
But if I try all out, there’s always a possibility to win.
Don’t think what you cannot do, think of what you CAN do to reach for it.
That’s what my friend said.


yazrie said...

aiyooo..dont worry too much..it will wrinkle your forehead...

Mr. Manager said...

You're too young to start worrying. Trust me, you DO NOT want to get anxiety disorder.

ketua unit ict said...

ala..watpe la susah2 pening kepala sangat..tengok mcm i ni, walaupun berhabis duit beli baju dlm pound sterling atau singapore dollar, boleh survive lak kan..

lepas ni i nak show off plak D&G masa pegi paris hari tu..huhu..

::airswift:: said...

memang dah ada wrinkle dah pun thanks to the stress back in school. but the experience in high school was one of the most valuable. it taught us to be strong when we are different.

mr. manager;
yeah. maybe it takes a few seconds of taking a deep breath, meditate and relax, to recover from that panic.

ketua unit ict;
propah sangat k.
itulah.. orang banyak duit,
dalam gambar default pun pakai laptop apple katanya.