what i listened from the morning radio

Once, there were two men wearing dark blue police uniform, requesting a lady to hand over her handbag to check her identity card.

Suddenly these two guys grabbed away the handbag and fled using a motorbike.

Two youngsters nearby, got onto their bike and chased after them.
Until actually the thieves arrived to a spot where their gang were waiting there.

One of the bad guys kicked the youngster’s bike, and they fell.
One of the two youngsters- not wearing a helmet, falling down, hit the hard road on his head, cracked the skull, and passed away.

Malaysians today do not help at all because “it’s dangerous to help anymore nowadays”.

But we can go beyond that- we’ll just help in anyway that we can, instead of just keeping quiet and not doing anything at all.

Either we all quickly jot down the plat number of the vehicle involved,
Call the police using our handphones,
And try to remember the appearance of the criminals.

Or for those youngster who are brave enough to help,
Instead of directly chasing them and risking your life,
Follow the criminals cautiously until they stop at a certain destination,
And inform the right people for further action.

The least that we can do to help is just by screaming.
At least that'll get people's attention.


Fable Frog said...

:O that's a true story? poor brave young men. it is a dangerous world indeed.

Calvin said...

I would love to hear you scream! Hahaha!!!

joshua said...

can nobody walk the streets of our country without fear no more?


::airswift:: said...

the cliche things said are definitely true- always be cautious, we can never be too careful.

and for these kind of situations,
we should drop off that "mind our own business" mindset because safety is everyone's business.