a long thought

True, I am a person who thinks too much.

But through thinking too much, I discovered something a few days ago.

Remember the annoying telephone call that I had to answer on behalf of my colleague who was on medical leave for one day?

I realized that if take on being the cause of the matter,
I can see it in a way that I can control the situation and lead it to where I want it to be.

Instead of blaming her, I can actually be in charge and lead it to a productive outcome.
We, usually go into our emotions and rest our case, wash our hands and leave things for other people to decide.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
But if we think and act outside the box,
and take full responsibility of any situation,
we will have the possibility of creating an outcome which is beneficial for everyone.

I totally forgotten about that.
A respectful person will always respect the rest.

So I take back my words saying that the girl has tiny brains.
She indeed has brains the same size as everyone else.


Calvin said...

Well, everyone makes mistake as nobody is perfect in this world but to admit one's own mistake and learn from it shows you have learned from your mistake and it makes you more experienced and as a lesson in your life.

::airswift:: said...

thanks calvin.

yeah, forgetting that i could take another better option to deal with that rude girl was quite a mistake.. hopefully i will be aware whenever i face a similar confronting situation in the future ^_^