bangkok. a cocktail of culture, cityscape, shopping, and food.

Thanks to my two dear friends in Bangkok,
It was for you two that I had an extremely enjoyable,
comfortable, and happy time in the city.
Your hospitality and love really made me amazed.

Ah, after a few months saving money and giving it an effort, I finally pushed it to reality.
I went to Bangkok, Thailand. After the entire struggle that I went through to plan for this trip, no matter what, I made sure that I enjoy it to the max.

My friends brought me for a boat ride along Chao Phraya river, visiting the temples there.

This river is one of the main medium for transportation, where the people would take a boat ride to go to work.

A large office building so near to the river bank.

An old building, also so near to the river bank.

The river.

Now let’s look at these magnificent temples.

Intricate decoration.

High quality lasting tiles.


Each stupa has the ashes of one prominent royalty, and most of them were kings.

And the most awesome thing that I saw was the reclining Buddha.
I finally got to see one, I don't really need to go Penang anymore!

And. The shining golden Buddha.

We also walked around the city, day and night.

Pink taxi cabs and cute tuk tuks.

Silom city.

The grand palace.

A newly built stupa for the funeral of the king’s sister.

And of course I’ve got the chance to indulge- shopping and food.

Eating the less pricey Swenson’s is a compulsory.

Their keropok.

And while walking at the Chatuchak market, I’ve got to see these so cute pets.

Nice cat with cheetah-ish fur.

Nice high class cat.

The cat shop owner is also nice. Sigh~

Puppies all over.


Well, apart of that I also bought a lot of stuff.
Working shirts, beach pants, swimming trunks, and one CD...

And finally on the third day, I went to the airport and said ta-ta.

What do I think personally about the city?
Well, each city- Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur/Damansara, and Singapore-
has their own character. I think I love all three.
But still I prefer to stay here, a small dot in Damansara.

Of course, I can't get enough of Bangkok.
Will visit it again sometime soon.

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