things are running well

I'm here at the cyber cafe, had just returned from a live band rehearsal at a studio which is one hour drive from my place.

In two weeks, I'll be in a live band, performing in the Beach Club in KL, in a well known competition.

Looking back into all the activities I've done currently, I am quite happy to see that I'm jumping back onto the fast track.

What I've learnt is that no matter how difficult you feel and even if you have to drag your body on the floor towards your dreams, just do what you have to do and don't kill your dreams. Let it stay alive.

There will definitely be times when you are down,
things don't work out and things seem so tough,
people reminding you again and again that it's a tough road you've chosen,
people around you making fun and mocking every single thing that you say,
people who give annoying comments on your blog (LOL),
but these are just part and parcel of the whole journey.

We live in every current moment in our lives.
To have an exciting life, the first step is
practice being excited with what we can get in every current moment that we live into. Love life eventhough sometimes it sucks.

It needs practice, but it can be done.

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BiologicalClockTicking said...

Hi, my 1st trip into your site. Like it, very real.

It's true, takes a lot of practise. B lovin'life , lovin' ourselves is the most crucial. Destiny is in our own hands! :)