true story.

It was a horrible accident.
Both husband and wife were stuck inside the crushed vehicle,
and the husband’s head was chopped off in the crash.

The wife was still alive, with broken arms.

The leader of the rescue team
quickly placed back the head of the man on top of the body,
and fastened the neck brace on the man’s neck,
just to avoid the wife from getting a huge shock to know that her husband is dead.

“My husband, my husband, I want to see my husband,” she said.
They let her see her husband for a while, before carrying her into the ambulance.

This lady, had the strength to lift her broken arm,
touched her husband-
not realizing that he’s already gone.

“Everything will be okay, don’t worry,” she said.

At that point no one else said a word,
and the air was filled with the sound of chainsaw,
cutting through the car to remove the body.

One of the rescuers was a happy-go-lucky lad,
but during that moment he cried.
The team leader told him quietly,
“Wipe off your tears. Do not show it.”
And the boy said back to him,
“Wipe off your tears too.”

Drive at moderate speed.
It could save your life.

(this unforgettable experience was shared to us during a road safety talk).

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