listen to rock pulak?

I started by enjoying Sampai Syurga- until I think I've over played it in my walkman phone. Time to discover the rest of the tracks in the album.

My favourite track would be Aku Punya Kamu. Rarely I enjoy the sound of the electric guitar, and the arrangement in this song is one of them. The arrangement of the strings also created a very different mood. I really salute arrangements that could blend in two extreme type of instruments together. This song really gave me the chills.

The track Cuba is not the typical melancholic song.
The bass and piano is being put creatively in the intro, along with the entrance of the strings.

The song Sempurna is also another song which is nice to listen to.
I like the building up of the mood from the intro towards the chorus.

And there's the track Mungkin Ku Tak Bisa with a bit of Indonesian pop influence in it. A nice song to listen to while on the go.

This album by Faizal Tahir reminds me of the successful albums of L'arc En Ciel and Scorpion. Of course these three are unique in their own way, but they have something in common- they could perfectly combine orchestral strings and rock strings into one album.

It's not a wonder that this album won trophies.

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