you'll just have to adapt and grow

Lately one of my superiors who controls the network decided to block a lot of sites, including blogspot, and facebook.

Trivial as it is, the blocking of a few internet sites really annoyed all the staff, IT staff included.

To a point when our network boss casually said,
"Do you think we should block Yahoo Groups too?"-
I could feel anger welling up inside.

I went to teach my trumpet student that Friday evening
and his mom said, "You look tired".
I was surprised, because I didn't feel tired at all at work.
It must be the stressful look that's sticking on my face
just because of no internet at the office.

And after teaching her son, I can't stop myself from starting the conversation.

"Just wondering, do you have internet access at your office?
Do they filter it in any way?"

"Yeah, I've got internet but I am sure that they do filter it in some way.
Back in the UK, I remembered that we were warned by the management to not abuse the internet, but after a while they got fed-up and they just took away the internet from the company's network."

"I know it's trivial, but it's funny that we would still be affected by this."

"Yeah, it feels as if your chair was taken away from your desk! Last time in my office, there's a huge coffee maker and everyone's got to have free coffee, and then suddenly the management decided to cut cost and just took it away. People got really upset because of it, they started to have a meeting and they were thinking of ways to get it back."

"I guess rather than get so upset about it-
We'll just accept it the way it is, after all it's the company's policy. Certainly the management has their own reasons, and it's a small matter anyway. We can still live without it."

"Instead of getting so stressed out and let it eat yourself inside and spoil your whole life, we can actually be more creative and see how we can create a happy and fun working environment regardless that some privilege were taken away from us."

We just laughed over the matter.
Glad that I had the conversation.
Now that I don't mind about no internet in the office anymore,
I want to focus on so many exciting things-

New things to learn about handling the network- the coding part and all.
My grade five plan, after banking in money to purchase scores, what's next?
The guitar plan, should I talk to somebody to get my strumming improved?
What's the next residential area should I distribute my flyers to get more students?

The possiblity is endless.