this will take more than a week

Life, sometimes it gives you an unexpected twist.

I thought I’ve made only a few blunders, however, I’ve became a whole new being that caused hidden upsets for the past one year.

I have become an individual who is daring to speak straight from my mind, and do my act in the way that I want.

Through that, although I’ve gained a lot steps ahead in my career and my passion,
However, in that aspect in my life called “friendship” has been gradually tarnished.

Only recently I realized the destruction upon most, if not all, the friendships that I’ve got.

This boldness in me has made me not realized that a lot of times my statements, comments, jokes, had made people feel uncomfortable, offended and hurt, regardless that if it was not my intention.

Now that I see all these, I felt so embarrassed, sad and my emotions went downhill.
I’m lucky that there were a few true close friends who stood next to me, and they let me see clearly on what I have to do now.

I’ve decided to use the coming 2009 to build up my character. If I have shown improvement in a lot of aspects in my life, of course it’s not impossible for me to improve in how I relate myself with individuals dear to me.

I’ve decided to follow these tips given by my friends:

-Take a pause and let anger completely go away.

-Wait three seconds before I speak.

-Stop whatever you’re talking about whenever there’s no reply, no response and silence from the other party. Take action to restore the situation immediately.

-Give advice and comment only when requested.

-Avoid getting even. Instead, aim for a win-win situation for both sides.

By that, I’ll save myself and everyone from unnecessary upsets.

I think that a sufficient period of time-out is essential for me and the people who were currently angry with me.

I’ve decided to excuse myself from the membership of a public online group created for me and my friends, so as to give my friends a space of privacy amongst themselves while I’m not around anymore. I respected their decision of removing this group from the net.

I am sentenced to this punishment from the things that I’ve done.
I have a choice, whether to sit down feeling miserable, or accept it the way it is, and take productive actions.

Not only this is a chance for me to improve myself and reconcile later with the people around me,
This is also a chance for me to focus on the plans that have yet been executed for me to leap forward to an unimaginable level in my possibility as a sought after trumpet player.