a series of incidents after the rain

Landslides are happening everywhere recently,
after all the continuous rain for days.

Some blame the developers, who did not study the structure of the soil to check whether it's safe for construction.

Some blame the authorities, who did not do the correct maintenance and preventative measures.

Some blame the owners, who continue staying there although they could see the obvious tell-tale signs- a few landslides nearby and sinkholes and trees falling down.

But I agree when my friend said that after a life time investment being put for your dream house, you have all hopes to be assured that it's safe to stay in your own house.

I guess only those who experience it first hand will know how it really feels.

Damansara Heights- landslip. I think we can see this from the highway.

Gasing Hill.

And the recent tragedy- a new landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa.

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Calvin said...

The lesson to be learned from this tragedy is: Never mess up with Mother Nature or she'll get back to you. I don't think you can actually blame the buyers. The developers should have done a detail and thorough check and survey on the safety side before building anything on the land. The authorities should also ensure that the developers are doing that.