current project - laaaaaaaaaa.

I am now in this cyber cafe- it's a cool and cold one (due to it's very strong aircond).

Friends visited my apartment just now, with an intention-
Singing lesson!

My friends are GREAT singers, so I asked their help to teach me sing.

I bravely took the challenge to participate in my company's singing competition,
end of this month.

Practicing under their coaching, I realise that it's NOT that simple to able to sing well.

Although I have been playing the trumpet for years,
the breathing technique for singing feels tricky.
The first time I sing with them, my childhood disease came back to me- asthma.

I was literally wheezing.
Had to stop after only fifteen minutes of singing.

But for today's practice, I feel much much better.

Salute those who know how to sing.

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