rain rain go away, come again another day.

Rain rain go away, Lil' Johnny wants to play.

Today I realised that there are still friends who stood beside me, and the believe that I could still turn myself from a beast into a respectful human being.

I've got a lot of advice on what to do next.

Seeing that my reputation is already tarnished, I almost wanted to delete this blog and create a new fresh one, closing the past and opening a new chapter.

In fact, I've already prepared a new blog, and this is the first post that I've typed on it-

"I guess this is the hardest part I'm going through in life.
But then again, I went through difficult times too when I was in high school.
Only that this time, I deserve the blow, because I was the cause of it.

How do I feel, being the bad person and all?
Can't deny that I was sad, full of guilt and regret.
I could just let myself cry and knock my head on the wall til I bleed,
but what's the use?

Sometimes broken friendships have to be left that way.
Learn from it and avoid interfering with their peaceful lives.

We had nice times together.

Life moves on."

So here it is, this blog still exists, and I'm gonna delete that "replacement" blog.
THIS blog is my identity, my baby.

I will learn to become a better person,
put the past in the past, vow never to talk about it again,
and create the new future.

God willing.

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