happy chinese new year!!

The long weekend would be quite a loooong one for me,
But I was rescued by a few mates still hanging around here in PJ.

Stuff that I've done to spend my time-

1) Went to Mega Mall and I see that only two or three out of hundreds of shops are open. The rest were closed for Chinese New Year. That's scary, if you know what I mean.

2) Bought Siti Nurhaliza's latest album! Will write my opinion later.

3) Spend the days slowly at my friend's office (they've got to mark student answer sheets and prepare notes for the next term). I was busy trying to pluck the guitar for "More than Words", and practicing singing for the coming competition, and also struggling to hit out all the high notes for Superman. Yeah, the Istana Budaya Youth is going to play this. Woo hoo!!!

4) Bought a new so-called cordless water heater to replace the spoilt one at my house.

5) Window shopped with my friends. One of them is considering to buy either a CRT or an LCD. So nice!!

Okay-lah. I'm not going to stay long, I'm starving here in the cyber cafe.
Should prepare better posts from home next time..


Anonymous said...

Cordless water heater? Do you mean cordless electric jug?

::airswift:: said...

exactly. no wonder it sounded funny when i typed it.