kenangan terindah

Rehearsal started at two, and by that time I've already got chills.
My hands were icey cold ever since, til the time it was my turn to sing.

While on stage, my thought was, "So this is it! I've practiced and I'll just do it anyway."

My observation is that generally the participants have average singing skills, if not poor. The three winners were just okay.

I didn't win anything, so I can take it as a description that singing is not my forte. Oh, not my pianissimo even. Hahaha.

The crowd really cheered and some of them say that I really can sing.
Hm. As long as the crowd enjoyed it, huh.

Still got a looooooooooong long way to improve, especially when my friends who coached me say that I lack of feeling while singing.

Not to mention the nerve-wrecking stage fright while on stage.

One of the juries, a famous local singer, commented-
"My advice is that please be more confident when on stage."


Well, that was an experience.
Will I shy away from the microphone? Maybe not for long.

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