last goodbye.

(Dear readers,

It was a dumb thing for me to comment and the whole world could see it,
and I've made everyone uncomfortable.

Friends who are affected,
I'm sorry that you had to witness all of this.

The ship is sinking, the last candle is dying, but I have to accept it.)

Dear friend,

I am sorry for the extreme actions that I've done.
During the past year I was a bad irrational person, and there's no way to eliminate the past.

Now I have to use that cliche- if only I could turn back time.

Now I truly understand that this is it, it's just meant to be.

Being rash and wanted to do all out was not the right thing to do.

I should respect you, and peace and silence is now I am offering for you.

If I really want to make you happy,
Instead of trying to contact you anymore,
I should now do what the others advised me to do,
and give you what you want.
Retreat, and don't ruffle with the peaceful moments that you have in your life.

All the best, old friend,

You will have a good life.

There were so many nice things that you've done for me.

I'll remember.