new year's eve

Happy new year!

So how did everyone celebrate the new year?
I took leave for one whole week, and I got the chance to rehearse for a few days in a live band.

It was fun-
I was either on my own guitar, trumpet or just plain singing.

My friends, they took turns singing and playing their classical guitars.

The real performance-
it was crazy, full of hiccups.
Sometimes we took a long time to find a particular score because they were already jumbled up.
Sometimes we pushed each other to sing a particular song at the last minute.
We even got confused- we thought it was already time to announce the countdown for new year, when suddenly a customer shouted- "Got two minutes left!!"

Insane but I had a good time.

One member google-ing for guitar chords.

Practice, practice! So that we'll screw up less! Lol.

The band.

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MaRyAMOhd said...

hey.. some familiar faces.
it's been so long..
any concerts do inform me
i wanna watch!