take a look before make a move

Once a while I would go and visit my parents' place at Ukay Perdana.

Only that day, after going out from their house, I went further up to Bukit Antarabangsa, where the deadly landslide happened and collapse a few bungalow lots.

There's nothing much to be seen, as they have blocked the area with yellow police tapes, but I saw a few workers drilling into the ground, maybe to take some samples of the earth, or to strenghten the structure of the already weakened hill top.

As I ride along the road, it's quite scary because I could see the view below me- buildings and roads which seem so tiny, as if I were on a plane.

Just before the entrance of the landslide, I saw a few unfinished blocks of apartments, perching at the very edge of the hill, with very thin beams supporting the structure. Any slight earth movement, these beams will break, and all will fall down.

I couldn't take pictures though, the people in charge were looking suspicously at me.
So off I went back home, going the lane down hill from Bukit Antarabangsa.

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