a contribution to my school

Last week, alas, was the night, after our determination to sacrifice a few weekends to attend rehearsals.

It was the annual dinner for the alumni for my high school.

Held at a very huge ballroom in a five star hotel, the main lobby was a breathtaking view.

By the way,
have you ever watched the animation Beauty and the Beast before?

Do you remember the fabulous hall where they danced,
before the Beast brought her slowly to the balcony to see the stars?

It was the best scene inside the whole movie.

Same not? Same not?

Here’s a snap shot of the car that brought me to the hotel from my apartment.

Ha ha. Just joking.

And here’s my first shark fin soup in my life. Tastes… normal.

The show was fun, and the team was great. Old boys and current students of the school joined together, with something in common: we are the members of the school orchestra.



Calvin said...

Is that the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel? Cos I went there before. Yes, it's beautiful.

::airswift:: said...

good guess!