watch what u eat

I dashed into the studio for another rehearsal, and I opened my bag and put my right hand into it, to get the lead sheet.

Suddenly there was a small jolt of pain as my fingers touched the bag.

There they are again, small tear of the skin on each finger, right close to the part where the nail grows.

Not to mention the sudden rare outbreaks on my skin.

I looked into my diet. What have I missed?

Daily diet-

Breakfast- fried noodle with fried egg, yolk discarded. And a glass of warm water.

Lunch- a plate of white rice with huge serving of raw salad we call ‘ulam’. Some soy sauce for taste, and some fried bittergourd too. Also, a glass of warm water.

Dinner- two slices of wholemeal bread with fried egg (yolk discarded), margarine, peanut butter and olive oil.

Occasionally, during weekends-

I consume meat when I order some food in Old Town Café.
I consume extra fat and sugar when I munch a few slices of cake.
I get more of that, plus caffeine, when I drink ice blended chocolate drink at the coffee shop.

Then I realized that I’ve not taken enough vitamin and minerals.

So the other day I went to the groceries,
Bought a packet of powdered milk, Nestum cereal mix, and oranges.

Also, I started to eat some carrots during lunch for vitamin A.

Miraculously my fingers and skin improved a lot in just one day!

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