my own review of lentera hati

Personally, this album is not one of the outstanding masterpiece of Siti Nurhaliza.
Our expectation is that she’ll be singing each syllable powerfully and richly,
but this album was created in a very relaxed way.
One can mistakenly say that this album is a half-past six product,
however, of course, it still has some quality in it
and still much better compared to some other singer albums around.

I still enjoy this album, though I miss the richness and uniqueness from a good arrangement; combined with the good powerful vocals of Siti Nurhaliza.

Di Kayangan Kita

The introduction is like a warm welcome for the first time listener.
Only that when it goes to the middle part, it sounds quite typical.

Bintang Malam

This track is a song that I would like to listen to, many times.
Catchy and cute, from the beginning til the end.
The song lyrics praises the man that one likes, and calls him the star of the night.

Cinta Ini

Introduction is not really intriguing.
As it goes to the chorus, it sounds like a pop song, awkward but you still want to listen to that part.

Ada Masa Mata

This piece, of sunda keronchong genre, is my favorite track.
Cleverly done, cute. And the lyrics has good meaning in it.

Jangan kunci pintu hati
Lepas pandang sebalik diri
Bila indah telah pudar
Atas apa kita berdiri?

I really like when the backup male sang that sings insync with the beat of the string instruments. Clever!
And the bass that supports the song along the way makes you feel cheerful.

Bulan Yang Mesra

A song that goes into asli genre.
Calming and soothing. But a bit too heavy for the common listener.

Seloka Budi

The introduction reminds me of government sponsored cultural performances.
At some part, this song is like those traditional songs sung by the singer Aishah.

Rasa Antara Kita

This piece started in a relaxed way, and slightly builds up in the beginning. Ending is creatively done in a different scale. It also has a meaning that we can contemplate with.

Manusia boleh berkata apa mereka suka
Janganlah tersalah tafsir tanpa merenung takdir.

Jelmakanlah Ayumu

This song has full instrumentation, including piano, string, percussion, winds and brass, but I don’t really get the impact. Maybe there’s something about the arrangement. It ain’t leaping out of the ordinary.

Di Taman Teman

Supposedly the featured track being played on air, this piece really has the influence of the singer’s past traditional albums.

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