way to go, Sony!

When it comes to commercialized audio system, I’ve was taught by my father that the brand Sony is the best.

I bought the W960 phone recently, and so far it has not disappointed me.
Some reviews say that the multi-functions are a burden for its tiny processor,
However I never think there has any frustrating lag while using it.

Once in a blue moon the phone does freeze / hang, but with just the help of the task manager, or in worse cases, the power button, it can go back to its normal condition.

Since this is the debut entrance for Sony to combine the organizer, walkman and camera in one phone, all functions are not really 100% given. I can say that they are 85% of excellence, and I am pretty much happy with it.

Audio performance is good, the bass is not as strong as a dedicated walkman phone, however, still acceptable and enjoyable, with a very good intuitive GUI.

All Walkman phone series of Sony comes in handy with a set of multimedia buttons, on the side of the phone (Play/Stop, Forward/Rewind and Volume Control). You can press them easily even when the phone is inside your pocket. This phone do not have the Play/Stop button, instead, you can press the call receive/end button on the earphone cable itself. Quite convenient.

Camera quality is acceptable, still clear when the subject or scenery has not enough lighting, with max 3 megapixel resolution.

The organizer, even though it’s not as elaborate as the ipod, but it’s still helpful and has a lot of functions including calendar, notes, alarm and so on.

The internet function is really cool, and I can always use the messenger from my phone when the 3G is active.

However, Sony goes more advanced when they came up with the W995 phone. Bigger screen, better media player.

And in 2009, Sony is ready to compete all out with the ipod.
If I ever have enough money, I’ll definitely grab this one from the shelf.
Check out this Sony idou (still hasn’t got its official name yet.)

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Calvin said...

Did Sony pay you to write a review for them? Hehehe...