after the down part, this is the up part

A few uncomfortable things did happen in my daily life-

a) had to go to the internet provider center for five times before I can get the internet line. Thanks to the help of a very nice friend- she gave me tips on how to install and get connected to the web. Now I got wireless at home, yeay!

b) there is mold growing on my bedroom wall. The room smelt like school toilet (yeah, brings back memories), and had to shift all my stuff outside. Contractor guy came and repaired by placing a whole new pipe network.

c) my trumpet got dent and I didn't recall hitting it anywhere. Sent it for repair.

d) and yeah, there’s the bike story again. Wish I could get a brand new Honda City one day.

I'm managing those problems one at a time.
I finally dealt with my self-issues too.
And I’m hopping back onto the bus with my two feet.

Of course, there will always this little voice making me dread to do what’s obligated to be done, but successful people will always be unreasonable.

By being unreasonable, you know you have the reasons that might stop you, but you still play the game full out.

I came to the KL Pac orchestra rehearsals, and the conductor was pleased with my improvement. Even I was surprised that my effort gave me results.

During the first two weeks, I screwed up the whole song because I wasn’t prepared and all the notes seem tricky. After getting a grip of myself, my playing now is more smooth and energetic.

Additional news is that this coming week, I am also invited to play in a brass quintet, and the songs, as they say, are really going to be challenging.
Looking forward for that.

I've also returned to the youth orchestra rehearsal.
The conductor was so kind to give me another chance, and she re-informed those past absenties (including me) on the schedule for April-

We are going to play a list of famous movie and broadway themes.
We are going to perform for several times for the whole month.

This time I am in the game again,
besides looking forward for the challenges at the office during the day.

For the possibility of being the outstanding performer-
in both of my career. Amen.


Calvin said...

Wow! Looks like more shows to come. Good for you! Keep up the good and hard work! Success never come easily but it's not impossible. But do remember to let me know via sms or email on any upcoming concert ok? I would love to go and watch.

::airswift:: said...

Will keep that posted :)