siti situ sita sini

Yesterday, on my way back from the office, as I entered the bike lane next to a toll plaza, a group of policemen in dark uniform (no, I didn’t have time to picture it in a sexy way) were waiting for me, as well as the other bikers there.

As I confidently took out to show my driving license which will only expires next month, I also noticed that my road tax has already expired a few months ago.


Yes, my bike KENA SITA. Situ Situ Sita Sini.

It went so fast- my key was taken and my bike was being put and carried away by a truck.
Only allowed to get it back six days ahead.

The rest of my experience is wild, wild, west.

Let's see... I am immobile.
My office is 30 kilometres behind me, and my apartment is 30 kilometres in front.

Had to call Dear Dear to pick me up and send me home.

After a quick shower, I took the taxi, went to the LRT station, passed five stations to the interchange, and took another LRT and passed another eleven stations.
Finally reached my mom’s place in two hours and luckily I could borrow my brother’s bike.

Tips (more like rules of life?)

License and road tax expiry dates are as important as (if not more critical than) your spouse’s birth date.
Keep it in the main storage of your mind (next to the capability of remembering your ABC’s),
or just display the dates proudly on a huge notice board at home or in the office.

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